Top 3 Key Points About Building A Chicken Coop

Amazingly the number of people interested in building a chicken coop has been massively increasing in the recent few months, so I reckoned it would be a good idea to share with you three important aspects of how to build a chicken pen, which will satisfy your chicken hens and last for long time without causing any trouble.

The very first step is totally crucial, because it is choosing the perfect spot of where the wooden chicken house will be located. I cannot stress enough how vital it is to find a safe place. Ensure that the ground is flat, dry and ideally situated on a slope – this will help to keep the coop away from the water puddles and provide basic security against predators.

The second point regarding building a chicken coop to the highest construction industry standards, involves selecting an appropriate size. As with any other home improvement project, you need to know exactly what you want. Without the matter of number of chicken hens you’re going to keep, it’s advisable that they have about 4 square feet space each. They must feel comfortable and safe at all times. This will bring fresh organic eggs for you in return.

Last but not least, remember about future every day maintenance when you’re building a chicken coop in your garden. Make sure that you can easily access it for cleaning and ventilation purposes. A useful trick for cleaning is to build wooden doors that open outwards, so it will be easier to brush inside the coop. Chickens as any other pet animals need sun light, so if due to cold weather it’s not possible to let them out for a walk, ensure they get plenty of light through the coop windows.

I do realize that all of the above might be a bit overwhelming for an average guy. Therefore, if you’re not sure about anything I would recommend you to check out the chicken coop plans written by a professional woodworker, who name is Bill Keene.

CLICK HERE to visit Bill’s website and learn more about his DIY guide.

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