Step-by-Step Instructions To Build A Chicken Coop

Woodworking projects are getting incredibly popular nowadays, because there are more and more people every day looking for various plans for build a chicken coop or a shed or a dog kennel, etc. In this article, I’m going to talk about instructions to build a chicken coop. Just before I start, I want you to know that I’m not a professional carpenter, and didn’t have any woodworking experience, when I decided to do this job.

I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes, so listen up. What you need to do first of all is select the location of the coop and the size. Remember to choose a solid, dry place for your coop, because the better your chickens feel, the more eggs you will get. If you are planning to keep more than 5 chicken, then you will need seriously good instructions to build a chicken coop. The reason I’m saying that is because most of the chicken coop plans available online only show you how to build regular coops.

Another important aspect of building a chicken coop is security. This is where you should really concentrate your efforts, because there’s nothing worse, than predators getting access to your coop. The common measures that people take is either put hard cement around the edges of the coop or otherwise chicken wire all around the coop.

Also remember that you will need to regularly clean the chicken coop, so keep this in mind when building it. It would also be useful if your coop has at least 2 windows, which will allow sunlight in and easily ventilate the coop, when required.

If this is going to be your first DIY project, then I would recommend you to find instructions to build a chicken coop, which would be suitable for not only advanced woodworker, but for total beginners as well. Being honest, it’s quite hard to find a quality chicken coop plans on the Internet, but since you are here I will share with you the one, which I’ve used myself. It’s called “Building A Chicken Coop” by Bill Keene. Click here to find out more.

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