Start To Build Your Own Chicken Coop This Weekened

I know it sounds like a nightmare to build your own chicken coop, if you have never tried completing any woodworking projects in the past, but after doing this myself, I can definitely assure you that it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first.

I think the key thing here what makes building a chicken coop simple or very complicated is chicken coop plans. If aren’t experienced in woodworking designs and have no carpentry skills whatsoever, then obviously you’ll need some sort of chicken coop building guide, otherwise you’ll never know what to do.

Also another important thing to know before you build your own chicken coop is how many chickens you’re going breed. Certainly, there are many benefits to breeding chickens in the backyard, but you also have to remember about the maintenance factors. If you’re planning to keep more than 3-5 chickens, then you’ll have to build a wooden chicken coop quite big in size, as the recommended space allocated for each chicken hen should be about four square feet.

On top of that, the instructions to build a chicken coop must be suitable for people with no knowledge about carpentry whatsoever. You’ve got to be careful with those chicken coop building plans being sold on the Internet, because while most of them do provide you the necessary help, but they assume you know the basics of woodworking projects, while you might be totally new to this kind of work.

Therefore, you have to find chicken coop building plans which would be suitable for anyone. When you narrow down your criteria, you’ll notice that there aren’t many chicken coop plans to choose from, as most of them are targeted at experienced enthusiasts and there isn’t much there for newbies, who are just starting out.

Fortunately, if you want to build your own chicken coop the first time, there’s one chicken coop plans guide that shows you how to build a chicken coop from scratch to finish, all step-by-step and with appropriate pictures/blueprints. It was developed by a chap called Bill Keene, who’s a big fan of  breeding chickens and building chicken coops. You can definitely say that he knows what he’s talking about.

CLICK HERE to visit Bill Keene’s official website and find out more about his chicken coop plans.

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