Seriously Easy Chicken Coop Plans For Dummies

One of the biggest problems that people face, when they decide to build a chicken coop is finding easy chicken coop plans. Most of us don’t have much woodworking knowledge, and don’t know all the technical terms and rules of DIY work, so that’s why it’s quite hard to find something simple to understand, yet something that would help with building a chicken coop.

I spent countless hours on the Internet, searching in Google hoping to find easy chicken coop plans, and to be honest there aren’t many available. The majority of the guides are aimed at professional carpenters and woodworkers, who know what they’re doing, but if you are like me, then you really need a “dummy’s guide”, because otherwise your brain will fry, if you try to read a regular manual.

If this is your first woodworking project, then you are probably going to make the same mistakes, as I did. I won’t be surprised, if you still haven’t chosen what type of chicken coop you want to build and where exactly it will be located. You see, before even getting to easy chicken coop plans, you are already making your life harder.

The very first thing to do is to think about where to build your own chicken coop. It has to be somewhere, where the ground is solid and dry, the predators can’t easily get into the coop, and a place, which will still keep your backyard practical for every day use.

There are lots of factors that you have to keep in mind, when doing all the work. Quality chicken coop plans should explain things, like ventilation, security, cleaning and many other important aspects. Fortunately, since you are on my website, I will share with you a guide, which I personally love and it’s called “Building A Chicken Coop“. It’s written by Bill Keene’s, who is a DIY enthusiast, and if you are looking for really easy chicken coop plans, then this is exactly what you need.

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