Make Your Life Easier With Chicken Coop Building Plans

You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to build a chicken coop with step-by-step instructions. With quality chicken coop building plans you don’t have to worry about getting some things wrong, miss cutting the wood materials or nailing the wrong pieces together. If you’re thinking about building a chicken coop, but unsure how to do it yourself, then this article is just for you.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, I was just like you a few month ago, when I was also looking for easy chicken coop plans on the Internet. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to find an in-depth construction manual for a wood chicken pen, so my research wasn’t really going too far. However, buying a pre-made chicken house kit wasn’t an option for me, because I didn’t have the budget for that and despite that, I wanted to make it myself, as I like to be challenged.

Since I never had any experience related to woodworking projects, I thought it would be a very interesting journey to learn how to build a chicken coop. Although, before we go any further, I want to give you a few quick tips regarding how to start this project the right way.

If possible, try to place the chicken hens house on a slight slope, because this will help to prevent it from flooding and therefore save your pets from nasty weather and potential inconvenience. Furthermore, I’m sure you understand how vital it is to protect your garden animals from the predators. Probably the best way to do that is to surround the coop with a spiky mesh wire, as this will prevent any unwanted access.

You might be thinking that all this stuff is too much for you or too complicated, but believe me there’s nothing to worry about. As long as you have decent instructions to build a chicken coop, then it’s just the matter of carefully following them and doing all the work as you go along. That’s the whole point of quality DIY chicken coop plans.

My personal recommendation of such instructional guide would be Bill Keene’s “Building A Chicken Coop” ebook. It’s totally awesome and I think it covers literally everything from scratch in terms of chicken coop construction. CLICK HERE to visit the official website and find out more.

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