Is Building A Chicken Coop THAT Hard?

A lot of people who are considering building a chicken coop are not sure whether they have the knowledge and skills required to complete the project. The reason I’m writing this article is to convince you that you can build your own chicken coop, even if you don’t have much experience or any at all in woodworking projects.

Certainly, building a chicken coop without any guidance and help is crazy. You won’t get far by simply trying to nail pieces of wood together and bang a roof on top. For those, who are just starting out, I would recommend getting quality chicken coop plans from the Internet. They are easily available and usually cost less than 50 dollars, which I believe is a great investment, compared to spending thousands of dollars on ready-built chicken coop kits.

I would like to give you some basic advice regarding how to build a chicken coop. First of all, it’s crucial that you choose the right location for the coop. Ideally, it should be located on a slight slope, so when it heavily rains there won’t be any damp in the coop. Another advantage of building a chicken coop on a slope is that it will be harder for moles to disturb your chicken hens as well.

Another useful thing to know, which I actually learned from my chicken coop plans, is that you should make sure you’re not overcrowding the chickens. It’s advisable to allow about 4 square feet for each pet as this will ensure that they all feel comfortable and healthy.

Therefore, when building a chicken coop don’t try to do any shortcuts regarding the materials used or trying to save money by making the coop smaller. You will run into trouble in the long term by doing that, so it’s worth doing it properly in the first place by following the advice in the chicken coop plans.

As I previous said, there are many instructions to build a chicken coop sold on the Internet, but only a few explain it in a easy to understand manner with excellent pictures and blueprints. The one in particular that I would recommend is written by Bill Keene and it’s definitely a great buy.

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