Ideal Chicken Coop Building Plans For Any Enthusiast

It’s crucial having quality chicken coop building plans, before you start building a chicken coop. Raising chickens in your garden is a great responsibility and you have to make sure that you can build a safe home for them, which will provide every day convenience and security for your garden pets. This will directly affect their health and the eggs you will get from them.

There are more and more people every day, who want to learn how to build a chicken coop. Since chicken coop building plans are easily accessible from the Internet, DIY enthusiasts prefer to complete this woodworking project themselves, rather than spend thousands of dollars on buying a pre-built wooden chicken house.

However, if you’re totally new to such projects, then it’s very important to have quality, step-by-step chicken coop plans with easy instructions and ideally accompanied with pictures. Unless you’re a qualified professional carpenter, you won’t know where to start and how to do this in an appropriate manner.

Before you begin building a chicken coop, you need to decide how many chickens you’re going to keep in your garden. The reason you have to do this BEFORE starting any work, is because this will determine the overall size of the coop, as you should provide each chicken hen with approximately 4 square feet of space.

Furthermore, chicken coop building plans will be great in helping you to establish a successful chicken house design, ensuring there’s proper ventilation and security for your pets. Usually this is done by making a small window on the roof of the coop or a side wall. This might be quite tricky for inexperienced people, but just follow the chicken coop blueprints and you’ll be fine.

While all of the above has be done to ensure that your backyard chicken coop is a safe place for your chickens to be, it’s also important to select a proper location for the coop. A smart idea is to place it on a little slope, as this will help to stop flooding and also it’ll be more difficult for moles to get access into the coop.

So now you might be wondering are there such chicken coop plans, which would provide all the necessary instructions for building a chicken coop? Yes, fortunately a guy called Bill Keene has developed an excellent manual, which I have used myself as well in the past.

CLICK HERE to visit Bill Keene’s website and check out his DIY chicken coop building guide.

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