How To Build An Easy Chicken Coop If You Are Lazy

how to build an easy chicken coopAlright, so you’ve decided to learn how to build an easy chicken coop, but you’re stuck and don’t know where to start? If you’re more or less handy when it comes to DIY, then you can definitely build your own chicken coop. However, it’s important to have chicken coop plans or step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re not making any mistakes. Read on to learn a bit more about that.

How To Build An Easy Chicken Coop

You may even want to use a how to build a chicken coop for dummies guide, because they are often the most detailed and accurate books on this topic. Some stuff might be obvious, but it’s better to be safe, than sorry. When I was building a chicken coop in my garden, I had to rebuild it twice, because I made foundation errors and also the location of it wasn’t the best.

So the key thing to mastering how to build an easy chicken coop is using the correct plans. There are many of them available on the Internet, and even some are free. Although, I highly advise you to stay away from the free plans, because they’re simply junk. Don’t even think about following them. It’s better to pay something like 50 bucks for quality how to build a chicken coop instructions and be sure that they’re safe to use.

How To Build An Easy Chicken Coop Fast

Quite amazingly this woodworking project can be completed in one weekend. Depending what size you’re after and your experience, this is very possible, because once you get the hang of it and follow the DIY instructions, it’s just the matter of putting everything together. There’s nothing to think about really, because it’s all written on paper and you have all the chicken coop blueprints. Once you’ve learned how to build an easy chicken coop, you could even start building and selling them for profit!

How To Build An Easy Chicken Coop – Quick Tips

Ok, but before you get too excited, I would like to mention a few important things that you should know while building a chicken coop. Make sure to allow at least 4 square feet for each chicken hen, as this will ensure everyone in the coop will feel comfortable and healthy. Also to protect your pets from predators, surround the coop with spiky wire and burry it deep down in the ground, so even the moles won’t be able to get it.

Overall, there isn’t much you need to know when learning how to build an easy chicken coop. However, to stay out of trouble and make your life easier, just get yourself a copy of my favourite DIY chicken coop building guide written by Bill Keene. This guy is crazy, when it comes to building chicken coops – he can do it all day long. Check out his guide and you’ll see how great it is.

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Whatever is the reason that you want to know how to build an easy chicken coop, but Bill Keene’s guide is exactly what you need – check it out for yourself!

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