How To Build A Chicken Coop With Easy Plans

If you are reading this, then I have no doubts that you want to learn how to build a chicken coop. Fortunately, I have good news for you, and would like to tell you that it’s really simple, BUT only if you are using quality chicken coop plans. You see, unless you are a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, then you will find it pretty hard to complete the project on your own.

Although, before you get to work, you need to choose what type of chicken coop you want to build, the location of it and the chicken coop security options. The place should be dry and straight, safe during all times and protected from predators. If you want to get lots of eggs from your chicken, then you have to make them feel comfortable.

Another thing to keep in mind is chicken coop ventilation. Whatever guide you choose to learn how to build a chicken coop, it will clearly explain that this is very important aspect to keep in mind. Make sure to install sliding windows, so you can open them in hot weather, and close securely, when it’s cold.

In regards of chicken coop safety, you could put a chicken wire around the coop and bury it in the ground. This will stop foxes and even dogs from getting access to your chicken. Finally to make cleaning of the coop easy, you would want to build doors, which open inward, not outward. These are only a few little tricks, which I learned from Bill Keene’s “Building A Chicken Coop” guide, which I bought a while ago.

Just like you, I was also looking for easy chicken coop plans, when I stumbled upon his website. After carefully going through the description and reading reviews, I thought I would give it a try and since it came with 100% money-back guarantee, I wasn’t worried at all.

And guess what? I absolutely loved it. The instructions are really simple to follow, it’s perfect for beginners and it’s just exactly what you need, if you want to discover how to build a chicken coop on your own.

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