Easy Plans To Build A Chicken Coop In The Garden

I perfectly understand why you are looking for easy plans to build a chicken coop. Surprisingly, I was just like you few months ago, looking for quality chicken coop plans, because I wanted to have a proper wooden coop in my backyard. However, since I wasn’t really experienced in woodworking, I needed something, which would be suitable for my limited knowledge.

Although, I have to admit that I made a mistake by rushing straight to the plans to build a chicken coop, because you have to sort out a few things first. The most basic thing to start with is the size of the coop and the location. It all depends on how many chicken you are going to keep and how much space you have available in your garden. Obviously, you want your chicken to feel free and comfortable, but you also want to keep the garden spacious and practical.

Majority of quality plans to build a chicken coop will make a strong point regarding the coop’s security. It’s vital to keep the chickens protected, so make sure to have properly locking doors, restricted access all around the coop and any other measures, if necessary.

Another important aspect about building a chicken coop is cleaning. You will have to clean the coop on regular basis, so you want to assemble it in such way, that future cleaning will be easy and simple. A little tip here is to build doors, which will open inwards, not outwards.

These are only a few excellent tips that I learned from Bill Keene’s chicken coop building guide. He’s got a great guide called “Building A Chicken Coop“, which provides full instructions on how to do it. It also comes with 60 days money-back guarantee, so you can be confident about your cash and the purchase.

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