DIY Plans For Building A Chicken Coop Yourself

Building a chicken coop from scratch does sound quite difficult at first, especially if you have no experience related to woodworking designs. It’s understandable and in fact, I was in the same situation as you few months ago. I wanted to breed chicken hens in my garden, but I had no idea about chicken pens.

I had the option to purchase a pre-built wood chicken house from my local hardware shop, but when I looked at the price tag of $975, I quickly changed my mind and figured I had to do everything myself, even if it would take me a whole month. Fortunately, it didn’t take me that long, thanks to DIY chicken coop plans that I found on the Internet.

If you look around some home improvement forums and websites, there’s tons of info on how to build a chicken coop, but I found the information very broad and not specific. As a beginner, it was hard for me to understand many technical terms, so I was really struggling.

What I needed were proper plans for building a chicken coop. I’m talking about a step-by-step guide that would show and explain me every single aspect in details. So decided to spend a few hours in Google to see if I could find something like that.

By the time I found that perfect ebook, I learned a lot about what you should do, before actually starting to build a chicken coop. First of all, find an appropriate place for it. You want to make sure the place is flat and dry, away from any danger and ideally on a slope. This will prevent flooding.

Furthermore, allow at least 4 square feet of space for each chicken. Doesn’t matter whether you’re keeping chicken hens or roosters, you still want them to feel comfortable, so don’t overcrowd your nice animals.

There are many more things that you should know about chicken coop building, but I think it’ll be easier, if you just check out Bill Keene’s DIY guide and see everything for yourself.

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