Chicken Coop Plans Review

So you are looking for an unbiased chicken coop plans review, huh? I totally understand you. There’s so much crap on the Internet at the moment, that your head just goes crazy, when you try to figure out what’s the real deal and what’s not. Building a chicken coop is a great experience, and buy using quality instructions, you can make it even better and more fun!

I’m assuming that you don’t have much woodworking experience, so therefore you will need really simple plans, because otherwise you will almost certainly get confused trying to understand those geeky terms and technical details in a regular manual. I’m not saying it’s difficult to build your own chicken coop, but if you aren’t a professional carpenter, then you need to get yourself a “dummy’s guide”.

The second part of my chicken coop plans review is about shopping, in others words purchasing the coop materials, where to get the best deals and how to save even more cash. Obviously, one of the main reasons why people want to build a chicken coop, rather than buy it, is money savings. Simple!

However, there’s one more thing that you can do to increase your savings and that is buying chicken coop materials online. Alright, you might say you already knew this, but I can reassure you that 99% of people simply buy everything from their local DIY or hardware store. The truth is that sites like Amazon or Ebay may have the same parts, but for much less, than your offline shop. It’s worth comparing the prices and see where you can get the best deal.

In the conclusion of my chicken coop plans review, I would like to recommend you a great guide, which I’ve used myself to build my coop, and it’s called “Building A Chicken Coop“. It was created by Bill Keene, just a normal guy, like me and you, who decided to share his “secrets” on how to build a chicken coop in your backyard without spending thousands of dollars.

CLICK HERE to check out his website and find out more.

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